Robin Hood’s relentless campaign against poverty in New York City relies on 100% private giving to support more than 200 of the most effective schools and poverty-fighting programs in poor neighborhoods across the five boroughs. Every gift makes a difference in the lives of our city’s most vulnerable families.


Give your time and expertise

Robin Hood finds, funds and partners with the most effective anti-poverty programs in the city. In addition to core grant-making, we provide management assistance to help groups build capacity. Our board placement program is a key element of this work, through which we connect talented individuals interested in dedicating time and skills to the boards of organizations funded by Robin Hood. We work closely with these groups to assess and prioritize their strategic needs, and develop initiatives to strengthen the performance of their boards through trainings, events and access to consulting expertise.

Board service is both an honor and a responsibility

Typically, board candidates have 10+ years of work experience and are able to commit some level of financial support, time and energy. Board members get involved in everything from strategic planning to fundraising, finances and public relations. They often serve multi-year terms, first gaining a deep understanding of the organization, then guiding its future trajectory. To date, we have successfully placed more than 500 board members at poverty-fighting nonprofits.

The return on your investment is the direct impact you will have on one of the city’s most effective poverty-fighting groups, and the knowledge that your efforts helped to educate a child, place a family in secure housing or connect someone with gainful employment.

Teach your children

to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate

These Robin Hood programs make it easy to share the joys and responsibility of charitable giving with your entire family.


Invite your children of all ages to learn about poverty in New York City, then sell lemonade and donate the profits to Robin Hood. It is a strong introduction to the importance of caring for our neighbors, and it’s easy to bring Lemonaid to your own community. Since 2004, families have raised more than $1 million, one cup of lemonade at a time.

Lemonaid was really our first introduction to philanthropy and learning the importance of giving back. At the time we thought it was just fun…but through Robin Hood we have come to learn that it is really important.

Noah Ruttenberg and Celina Dubin
Lemonaid volunteers

Camp Robin Hood*

Designed for teens ages 14–18, Camp Robin Hood is an eye-opening, sobering and inspiring introduction to the realities of poverty in our city. The week-long experiential program combines real-world information and hands-on volunteering, with opportunities to hear the personal stories of people who have benefited from Robin Hood’s grants. Teens are encouraged to discuss key issues with Robin Hood senior program staff and to spend part of each day volunteering at the most effective soup kitchens, job training facilities and homeless shelters.*

* Open to children of donors who give $10K or more each year
I really like being presented with the opportunity to help other people and make some kind of difference in New York with the help of Robin Hood.

Camp Robin Hood alum

Robin Hood Fellows

After attending Camp Robin Hood, teens ages 16–18 may attend Robin Hood Fellows. Year One offers a week of activity focused on venture philanthropy and Robin Hood’s quest to find, fund and partner with the best poverty-fighting organizations in our city. Fellows get up close and personal with innovative Robin Hood partners who have tackled significant social problems. Site visits and interviews are framed around Robin Hood’s targeted initiatives and programs. Year Two offers a week’s activity highlighting Robin Hood’s rigorous system of metrics and third-party evaluation. Fellows meet with Robin Hood’s leaders, make site visits and examine prior funding decisions.*

* Open to children of donors who give $10K or more each year
Participating in the Fellows Program granted me the opportunity to see Robin Hood’s hard work and dedication in action. And as a result, I realized the true heroes of New York are the people who commit their lives to helping our neighbors most in need.

Jane Iwanowski,
former Fellow

Teen Council

The Teen Council is available to any high school student with an open heart and a curious mind. It gives students an introduction to “poverty-fighting in action,” and members from schools all over the city and the tri-state area gather to learn about the challenges facing the 1.8 million individuals and families who live below the poverty level, as well as the ways Robin Hood strives to be a meaningful force for good in the community.

* Open to children of donors who give $10k or more each year
Robin Hood has truly instilled what the true meaning of philanthropy is. Not only with money, but through understanding of people.

Ayhnisa Jackson,
Teen Council member

Summer College Internships

In 2014, Robin Hood launched its first five-week, college-level internship to engage students who are passionate about learning more about poverty and Robin Hood’s approach to finding solutions.*


  • A robust understanding about the issues of urban poverty
  • An inside look at Robin Hood’s rigorous grant-making process
  • The ability to evaluate social-sector investment opportunities
* To qualify, internship applicants must submit a cover letter and resume and must be currently enrolled in undergraduate studies.